Catch The Pumpkin Patch Express
Throughout October — Fri., Sat. and Sun.

THERE are two sides to Halloween—a fun side and a scary side. And you can choose either one at Wales West!

Throughout the month of October, you can choose the Kid-Friendly version of The Pumpkin Patch Express or—if you're up for it—you can ride the Scary Night Train!

Get your tickets in advance online using our secure, online ticket app for The Pumpkin Patch Express.

Dinosaur at the Train Station Tall, Scary Figure Decorated Pumpkins Outdoor Pumpkin Festival Passengers On The Small Train Baby In The Pumpkin Patch Halloween Monsters take over the train The Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood prowls the train station A close-up of The Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood A pirate gave this train a very close call

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